Program for spring 2023

Happy to get Allan back to NLC in 2015

by Kaisa Jakobsen

It is just so fantastic to get Allan Steen Olesen back to NLC in spring 2015. Allan is a great PRO triathlet, focus on 70.3 and shorter distances… Super cyclist, that you will have hard times to try to beat… but you can always come down and try πŸ™‚ Welcome back Allan!!!

Allan Steen Olesen – pro triathlet, back in NLC

The prices are updated for the coming 2023 season

The prices are updated for the coming 2023 season, and again you can look forward to some great trai

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****![](/static/nlc_storage/b89c31eb-df99-4c86-b05c-de88dfe0a0dd.jpg)​​​​​​​ **We are very p

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**We want to thank you !** Thank you for coming to NLC in 2019 We had more athletes/gues