Frank Jakobsen, Founder & Coach

by Kaisa Jakobsen | December 18, 2018

Foundation coach, Coach & advisor for a lot of Ironman Winners, National records and World Champions, in Triahtlon and Bicycling. With his method, that has shown the way for many talents, to their first wins. Certified Exc. Coach, Stress Coach, Retül Bikefitter, PoseRun instructor.
And a former eliteswimmer & MTB Transalp guide.

I have travelled and trained all over the world, and with a past in the travel industry, I wanted to create, 
what I think was missing. A real place for real training. Not "Active Holiday" (!) but real training, that moves performance.
In this, I am fortunate to be able to do what is my passion, namely helping people reaching their next training and performance level.
Of all the experiences this is what I am most proud of and if you come to NextLevelCamp you will meet several of what we call "good people" who all have raised their game at NLC.
They are the soul of our camp – and if we do not have soul it would only be a building by the sea…
Hope to meet you in our camps. #coachfrank

NextLevelCamp 2019 is a WRAP again...!

**We want to thank you !** Thank you for coming to NLC in 2019 We had more athletes/gues

Taxi transport to NLC from/to the airport

Transport from the airport to NextLevelCamp is easiest with a taxi, and it is a good idea to order i

Sansego camp with Craig “Crowie” Alexander in lead

![](/static/nlc_storage/5f2ea129-4491-42f7-b436-840328508b49.jpg) Join Craig Alexander - 5 x Wo

NextLevelCamp 2019

Just keep on eye here on the page… we will soon be open to sell NextLevelCamp 2019 season. The camp

It’s a wrap!

NextLevelCamp made the last rides on the camp, and pulled the flag down 15th of May for the 2018 sea